Publisher :- Bharat Law House Pvt. Ltd.

Edition     :-5th Edition 2024

ISBN        :- 9788119565245

Pages     -: 1040

Division I

Appointment of Auditors

Chapter 1        Appointment and Removal of Auditors

Chapter 2        Management Services and the Auditors

Chapter 3        Code of Ethics

Chapter 4        Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN)

Chapter 5        Audit Trail and Other Matters to be reported by Auditors under the Companies Act, 2013

Division II

Audit of Items of Financial Statements –
Ready Reckoner

Chapter 6        Books of Accounts and Financial Statements

Chapter 7        Consolidation of Financial Statements

Chapter 8        Audit Checklist for Share Capital

Chapter 9        Audit Checklist for Reserve and Surplus

Chapter 10      Audit Checklist for Borrowings

Chapter 11      Audit Checklist for Trade Receivables

Chapter 12      Audit Checklist for Cash and Cash Equivalents

Chapter 13      Audit Checklist for Inventories

Chapter 14      Audit Checklist for Fixed Assets and Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE)

Chapter 15      Audit Checklist for Intangibles

Chapter 16      Audit Checklists for Trade Payables and Current Liabilities

Chapter 17      Audit Checklists for Loans and Advances and Other Current Assets

Chapter 18      Audit Checklists for Provisions and Contingent Liabilities

Chapter 19      Audit Checklists for Sale of Products and Rendering of Services

Chapter 20      Audit Checklists for Other Income Comprising Interest Income, Dividend Income, Gain/Loss on Sale of Investments etc.

Chapter 21      Audit Checklists for Purchases

Chapter 22      Audit Checklists for Employee Benefits Expenses

Chapter 23      Audit Checklists for Depreciation and Amortisation

Chapter 24      Audit Checklists for Other Expenses like Power and Fuel, Rent, Repair to Building, Plant and Machinery, Insurance, Travelling, Legal and Professional, Miscellaneous Expenses

Chapter 25      Audit Checklists for Taxes on Income and Minimum Alternative Tax (MAT)

Division III

Schedule III Specimen Format of
Financial Statements (AS Based)

Chapter 26      Specimen Format of Financial Statements under Schedule III for AS compliant companies

Chapter 27      Practice Pointer Issues on Accounting Standards

Chapter 28      Checklists of Accounting Standards

Division IV

SA and CARO Checklist

Chapter 29      Standards on Auditing (SA) Checklists

Chapter 30      Companies (Auditor’s Report) Order, 2020 — Checklist

Division V

Audit Programme – Audit Compliance Procedure

Chapter 31      Business Client Information Checklist

Chapter 32      KYC New Client

Chapter 33      Illustrative Audit Programmes for Accounting System & Internal Control

Chapter 34      Illustrative list of Questions to Evaluate Entity Level Controls Considering Nature of Business, Size of Operation and Organisational Structure of the Entity

Division VI

Formats of Engagement and
Representation Letters, Reports

Chapter 35      Illustrative Formats on Agreeing the Terms of Audit Engagements

Chapter 36      Illustrative Format of Representation Letter

Chapter 37      Specimen of Management Representation Letter on Statutory Audit

Chapter 38      Illustrative Format on an Engagement Letter for an Agreed upon Procedures Engagement

Chapter 39      Illustrative Format on Engagement Letter for a Compilation Engagement

Chapter 40      Illustrative Format on Engagement Letter for a Review of Interim Financial Information

Chapter 41      Illustrative Format on Engagement Letter for an Engagement to Review Historical Financial Statements

Chapter 42      Illustrative Format on Independent Auditor’s Reports on Financial Statements

Chapter 43      Illustrative Format on Practitioner’s Report with an Unmodified Opinion

Chapter 44      Illustrative Format on Auditor’s Report on Emphasis of Matter Paragraph and Other Matter Paragraphs

Chapter 45      Illustrative Formats on Auditor’s Reports with Modifications to the Opinion

Chapter 46      Illustrative Formats of Auditor’s Report with Modified Opinion

Chapter 47      Illustrative Formats on Auditor’s Report on Corres-ponding Figures and Comparative Financial Statement

Chapter 48      Illustrative Formats on Auditor’s Reports Relating to Going Concern

Chapter 49      Illustrative Formats on Auditor’s Report Relating to Other Information

Chapter 50      Illustrative Formats on Practitioners’ Compilation Reports

Chapter 51      Illustrative Formats on Review Reports on Interim Financial Information

Chapter 52      Illustrative Formats on Practitioners’ Review Reports

Chapter 53      Illustrative Formats on Special Purpose Financial Statements

Chapter 54      Illustrative Formats on Summary Financial Statements

Chapter 55      Illustrative Format on a Report of Factual Findings in Connection with Accounts Receivable

Chapter 56      Illustrative Formats on a Single Financial Statement and a Specific Element of a Financial Statement

Chapter 57      Illustrative Format of an Unmodified Report on a Projection

Chapter 58      Illustrative Formats on Service Organization’s Assertions

Chapter 59      Illustrative Formats on Modified Service Auditor’s Assurance Reports

Chapter 60     Illustrative Formats on Service Auditor’s Assurance Reports

Chapter 61     Information Requests and Other Client Admin Letters – Letter of Weakness and Appendix

Chapter 62      Confirmation Letter for Struck Off Status to be sent by Company

Chapter 63      NOC Communication with predecessor

Chapter 64      Eligibility and Independence confirmation to be appointed (or) continue as auditors

Division VII



Chapter 65      Revised Format of Audit Report for Private Limited Company without IFC, CARO 2020, Cash Flow

Chapter 66      Revised Format of Audit Report for Private Limited Company with IFC, CARO 2020, Cash Flow

Chapter 67      Revised Format of Audit Report for Private Limited Company without IFC, but with CARO 2020, Cash Flow

Chapter 68      Revised Format of Audit Report for Private Limited Company without IFC, CARO 2020 but with Cash Flow

Division VIII


Chapter 69      TCS Annual Report

Chapter 70      Infosys Annual Report

Division IX

Illustrative Audit Paras for Qualification, Adver
Disclaimer, KAM, EOM, OM Matters

Chapter 71      Qualified Opinion – Illustrative Reporting Comments

Chapter 72      Material uncertainty related to Going Concern – Illustrative Reporting Comments

Chapter 73      Emphasis of Matter Paragraph – Illustrative Reporting Comments

Chapter 74      Other Matter Paragraph – Illustrative Reporting Comments

Chapter 75      Key Audit Matters – Illustrative Reporting Comments

Chapter 76      Disclaimer Opinion – Illustrative Reporting Comments

Chapter 77      Adverse Opinion – Illustrative Reporting Comments

Chapter 78      Other Information Paragraph — Illustrative Reporting Comments

Chapter 79      Internal Controls over Financial Reporting


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